Sport mentoring is a new dimension of mental preparation and management for athletes, teams, coaches, and sports professionals.


The most important preparation module for individual athletes is the analysis of their complex personality and behaviour, which allows one to clearly define the decision-making mechanisms, reactions, and behaviours of the athlete in standard, competition, and crisis situations. This information identifies the factors that visibly help and hinder the athlete in achieving peak performance, and in building a mental development programme that will teach the athlete how to make the most of a crisis, and how to manage the personality reactions that may prevent them from achieving maximum performance. The coaching of individual athletes, after a complex self-awareness assessment, also evaluates the athlete’s personal and sporting environment, as these have a major impact on the athlete’s performance. In this way, the athlete has a complete picture of the areas of their life where they need to change and develop to be able to perform at the peak of their abilities at the most critical moments and in the most important competitions.

After the complex assessment, an individual mental mentoring plan is built up for the athlete, through a combination of face-to-face meetings, “homework/exercises”, telephone conversations, video meetings, emails, and text messages. The athlete learns to manage their mental strength, increase their personal crisis threshold, and reach the maximum of their mental potential, which is a prerequisite for achieving the best results. The first year of an individual athlete mentoring programme is the most intensive, but the relationship with the mentor does not stop there. The mentor monitors mental performance, and any major challenge that opens up new mental horizons for the athlete requires additional mental work, building organically on the foundations already acquired.

The relationship between mentor and mentee is entirely confidential, and maintaining this trust is critical for a successful collaboration. The information, methodology, and techniques used in the development of individual athletes are the sole property of the individual athlete and will never be made available to third parties by the mentor, except at the explicit request of the mentee.


Athlete life mentoring is the most modern and successful solution for supporting athletes to reach their personal maximum, while ensuring that the athlete can live a happy life and have a real vision for their sporting career and beyond. The methodology used, 8848’s know-how, does not exist in books; it is not a profession that can be taught. It is only possible for those who have acquired the basic knowledge needed to become a mentor in this field, in the context of managing the lives of athletes. It is essential for a mentor to have a comprehensive professional background, which must provide diverse knowledge at various times in the lives of the athletes. In addition, complex mentoring of an athlete’s life requires the combined experience of managing successful people in sport and in business, where both are expected to deliver maximum results with sustained happiness.

The 8848 Athlete Life Mentoring can start as early as 10 years of age, as the earlier the mentored person gets the basic skills necessary for success, the easier it is for them to succeed in challenges at different ages. Building a mentoring programme is a personalised, tailor-made, but also a long-term project based on strong trust, with the first period being the most intensive, as it is then that the foundations are laid. The mentoring work involves a combination of face-to-face meetings, video mentoring sessions, telephone conversations, email exchanges, and text messages.

The mentoring work focuses on the athlete’s personal best performance in their active athletic career, achieving the maximum, managed in such a way that the athlete can live their life as a fully self-identified person. They know exactly which aspects of their personality can hinder them from achieving true success, which can help them the most, and consciously apply and manage these aspects without constant stress. This is also why, in the case of a truly successful sporting career, for 8848’s mentors, life after an athletic career is not a downhill slide, but the beginning of a new period of success.

The complex mentoring of an athlete’s life in 8848 Mentoring programmes can only be provided by a professional who has concrete experience of working with business people – business owners, start-up owners, company directors – and educational leaders – university rectors, deans, top managers of educational institutions – and with athletes, coaches, national team captains, and federation leaders, all who have achieved high levels of success. Thanks to its private mentoring expertise, 8848’s mentors have won international awards such as “Business Coaching of the Year – Europe” in 2021 and 2022, or “Most Inspiring Leader – Worldwide” in 2021 and 2022, and the athletes and teams they mentor have achieved historic victories in Olympic, World, and Continental Championships.

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