Sport mentoring is a new dimension of mental preparation and management for athletes, teams, coaches, and sports professionals.

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The RISE Human Development System is currently the only truly psychological-based system for mental support in sport. The clear reason for this is that RISE is able to define and distinguish among the personality traits of an athlete in different situations, thus revealing the athlete’s decision-making mechanisms, which govern their performance. The RISE Human Development System is the only system with specific assessments in the field of sport, such as Adult Sport, Adult Sport PRO, U10 Sport, U16 Sport, U23 Sport. The RISE System goes beyond the traditional psychology and theory-based tests – which are not sufficiently tested in practice and are not applied in real crisis situations in sport – because in addition to psychology, RISE also includes generational research, sociological assessments, social media behaviour research, and most importantly: the evaluation of real events, reactions, and crisis situations in a sports environment. RISE’s big data system gathers the concrete evaluations, opinions, and experiences of successful athletes, federation leaders, head coaches, and staff members. This is why we decided to use the professional background of the RISE Human Development System exclusively in our complex sport mentoring developments and programmes. And we are particularly proud that 8848 is the EXCLUSIVE PARTNER of the RISE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM in sport from 1 January 2023. This means that RISE-based assessments in development can only be used through 8848 Mentoring.


RISE is defined as a Human Development System, and as such, the solutions it offers are completely unique. The main task of the system is to define the personality of an individual and their resulting behaviour. Based on its assessment of individuals, RISE can also define the same information at the group level. Thus, RISE is a deep analytical tool for assessing teams, companies, organisations, target groups, countries; essentially, groups defined in any way.

RISE aims to evaluate, understand, and define a person’s decision-making mechanisms, so it can identify the decisions that a person will make in different life situations, the main points of influence for their decisions, and their possible points of manipulation. Thus, it clearly defines the behaviour, actions, and reactions of the person in various situations.

The RISE Human Development System is composed of assessments adapted to different target groups, the in-depth analysis and evaluation of the assessments, and the corresponding consultation. At the beginning of its development, RISE was categorised as a psychological system, but today it goes far beyond other traditional, theory-based psychological systems. As the first step in the development of RISE, which started in 2001, RISE’s founding team – led by a French psychologist – studied the theory of William Moulton Marston and brought together the benefits of the most used psychological tests on the market at that time. The aim was not to create a system. The founders of RISE were business developers in a specialised field; they were “private mentors” to owners and top decision-makers of international companies, domestic firms, head coaches, presidents of sports federations, university rectors, and elite athletes. This led to the development of individuals and their teams, companies, sports clubs, and national teams. The basic aim of mentoring is to develop the mentee through traditional coaching tools while clearly focussing on achieving short- and long-term goals, implementing concrete projects, and developing them on the job. RISE is designed for this specific, results-oriented development. For the first 17 years of its operation, the system was only available for private mentoring partners and could not be purchased by outsiders. Therefore, the development of RISE has gone hand in hand with concrete, practical applications and real-life experiences in business, sports, education, and private life, where it was increasingly embraced instead of traditional, theoretical psychology. This constant pressure to focus on results has led to the introduction of new professional areas of knowledge into the system, such as:

  • Generational research, analysis of generational processes
  • Historical research
  • Sociology, social processes, impact studies
  • Social media profiling and monitoring
  • Lie detection modules
  • Special online/web-based profiling
  • Filling algorithms and algorithm-based profiling
  • Big data verification and parallel evaluation

The RISE Human Development System was developed by 39 experts from different fields of science, business, sports, and education. The inclusion of new disciplines has also enabled RISE to be used more widely in private mentoring. In addition to tests that traditionally focused exclusively on assessing the personality and behaviour of top-level business decision-makers, new directions were developed, providing further opportunities for even deeper and more complex analyses. These areas include:

  • Executive assessments (senior and middle managers)
  • Manager assessments (key people, talents)
  • Team member assessments (office workers)
  • Worker assessments (physical workers)
  • Candidate assessments (unique CV analysis)
  • EDUCATION 16-23 assessments
  • EDUCATION 10-15 assessments
  • EDUCATION 4-9 assessments
  • Sports portfolio (U23, U16, U10)

The name RISE was given to the system in 2017, in preparation for a technical presentation at the European Handball Federation’s scientific conference. RISE has proven to be the only system that can be used to truly assess athletes during crises, allowing major steps towards further user-friendly development. Thus, in 2018, the formulation of RISE’s complex portfolio, the systematisation of 17 years of experience, and the preparation of the portfolio for market introduction all began. The RISE Human Development System has been officially open to the market from 2019, with 18 years of knowledge from private mentoring and strong international references in business, sports, education, and private life.

RISE believes that to understand and truly and realistically define a person’s personality, and thus their decision-making mechanisms, it is necessary to have knowledge and practical experience of adulthood and childhood. Moreover, a system needs to have sports experience and familiarity with real crisis situations. The only system available today with this know-how is the RISE Human Development System.