Sport mentoring is a new dimension of mental preparation and management for athletes, teams, coaches, and sports professionals.


One of the critical points in team selection and development is the process of scouting players, coaches, or sports professional. In the traditional approach, evaluations are professionally based and rely mainly on information from the past. In this area, too, the mental profile of the person being “selected” is of particular importance, but there are not many options available to professionals. For almost 10 years, 8848 Mentoring has been using the Evidence Selection Profiling (ESP) solution, a unique mental profiling methodology developed by the RISE Human Development System, which is based on video analysis, social media behaviour assessment, online information, and personal observations, using a unique know-how. ESP is used primarily for the complex mental analysis and profiling of opponents of national teams in championships, international cups or preparing for world competitions, which is to be developed for sports mentoring and is able to identify the definable personality of a person in a “crisis situation”. It can clearly categorise the decisions, behaviour, and reactions of the person in a “crisis situation”, i.e., it defines their mental strengths and weaknesses, as well as the mental tools and techniques to be used against them, but it can also help to build up a real, lasting motivational system for the person. This is why head coaches and sports professionals of teams participating in mentoring programmes have increasingly requested analyses not only of opponents, but also of potential team members. 8848’s Scouting solution was built around these analyses, which does not require a player to fill out a complex psychological assessment, making it suitable for pre-screening. 8848’s Scouting solutions are already widely used in team sports in both North America and Europe.


8848 Mentoring’s outstanding success is based on a unique data collection and analysis system that uses information available online to create personality profiles fit for building mental strategy. The unique analysis centre can identify the key personality traits of an athlete, coach, referee, or sports professional through precise video analysis, social media profiling, and interview and commentary assessments. It defines that person’s mental advantages and disadvantages that can be expected during competitive situations, thus revealing that person’s weak points. The ESP experts are constantly building up and improving upon their sizable database. ESP’s database currently includes analyses of top individual and team athletes and is continuously expanding with each project. ESP can be applied to player selection, opponent analysis, head coach mentoring to determine match strategy and tactics, building communication templates to influence referees, and overall, it can have a major impact on a team’s results. ESP currently has a database of tens of thousands of players in club settings, including the Premier League, Bundesliga, NBA, NFL, and La Liga, but also as a basis for mental preparation at the national team level for continental and world championships. Tokyo was the first Olympics where ESP was used as a basic element for the preparation of national teams and individual athletes, resulting in 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals, 4 bronze medals, and many historic successes (personal and national records).